Premier Wine Cask represents an array of fine barrels and winemaking products from Europe and America.

Technologie Inovaweld

These drums are SEAMLESS (crevice free welds meeting 3-A sanitary standards) and the use of LASER welding technology insures uniformity from barrel to barrel (drum to drum). Available in sizes from 100L (26.5 US Gallons) up to 300L (80 US Gallons). For use in fermentation, maturation, storage and topping.

Serap Tanks

Premier Wine Cask, Inc. is the exclusive representative for Serap Tanks in North America. The Serap insulated stainless steel tank is a masterpiece of construction and execution. Serap insulated tanks are all custom built in France and shipped to North America, ex works. Serap will work directly with you to design and build tanks to fit your cellar. Please call Premier Wine Cask, to place your order and to obtain an update on production capability and timing.