Staff Spotlight

Ed Schulz
Regional Sales Manager

As a university student abroad, Ed bottled wine and toiled in a Loire Valley vineyard, learning traditional methods and country argot. The cheesemaking bug, though, discovered on the farm next door to the viticulteur, bit first.

Silicon Valley hobby became Wine Country craft as Ed helped launch Skyhill Napa Valley estate-made goat cheese and yogurt, serving 5 years as production manager and Affineur.

Ed's production experience has served his winemaking clients well for 18 years. Home activities include a small vineyard, a valid pasteurizing license, goats, chickens, vegetables and weekend day-care for three toddling grandchildren.

Territories: Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, Washington state, Idaho, South America and South Africa.

Cell phone: 707-477-2305

Featured Product

Deep Toast

2018 American Oak Price List

This proprietary production regime uniquely employs fire, water and air to raise the stavewood toasting temperature above that of our other two methods. Chocolate, toffee and fine almond nuances help you make wines you thought could only be made from French oak barrels.

Available formats: 225 liter, 265 liter and 300 liter.