Staff Spotlight

Annette Barret
Used barrel sales / Logistics

Annette Barret joined Premier Wine Cask in 2008 and serves as Sales Agent for used barrels,  Office Manager and Marketing & Logistics Coordinator. Born and educated in Denmark, Annette worked for 12 years in the travel industry and 7 years managing logistics for Oeneo Closures in Napa. She is also in charge of vendor contracts for the office and for the logistics department. 

Cell phone: 707-492-6714

Featured Product

Deep Toast

2018 American Oak Price List

This proprietary production regime uniquely employs fire, water and air to raise the stavewood toasting temperature above that of our other two methods. Chocolate, toffee and fine almond nuances help you make wines you thought could only be made from French oak barrels.

Available formats: 225 liter, 265 liter and 300 liter.