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" The Deep Toast barrel is the best tasting barrel in my cellars right now. "
- Mike Blom, Madorom Vineyard
Deep Toast™
Deep Toast™

This proprietary production regime uniquely employs fire, water and air to raise the stavewood toasting temperature above that of our other two methods. Chocolate, toffee and fine almond nuances help you make wines you thought could only be made from French oak barrels. Available formats: 225 liter, 265 liter and 300 liter.
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Rack Master Barrel Racks


Premier Wine Cask is proud to offer the innovative

Rack-Master Barrel Storage System from Snyder Industries.


  • Seamless, One Piece HDPE Design: No welded joints or areas to trap bacteria; More sanitary, easier to clean.
  • 100% HDPE Recyclable: More environmentally responsible.
  • Corrosion Resistant: No more refurbishing or repainting required;
  • Superior Plastic Surface: No more denting or chipping.
  • Smooth Plastic Surface: No more barrel damage; Reduced coefficient of friction with barrel surface.
  • 7" Forklift Channels: Optimize handling clearance between stacked barrels.
  • Lightweight Construction (41lbs): Reduced transportation costs and cellar labor; Can handle cellar stack rating of 7,500lbs.
  • 2 Year Warranty by the manufacturer.

2013 Rack-Master Pricing


All prices are Ex Works manufacturer's warehouse. Terms are COD.

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