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" I really like the Barrel Associates' Deep Toast barrels because they integrate better than the typical American oak barrel. "
- Eric Ogorsolka, Zenaida Cellars
Deep Toast™
Deep Toast™

This proprietary production regime uniquely employs fire, water and air to raise the stavewood toasting temperature above that of our other two methods. Chocolate, toffee and fine almond nuances help you make wines you thought could only be made from French oak barrels. Available formats: 225 liter, 265 liter and 300 liter.
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American Oak Wine Barrels

Barrel Associates For over 20 years, Barrels Associates International has been developing and producing the finest American oak wine barrels. When one or more of its traditional or innovative bending and toasting regimes are involved, a wine gains luscious depth, complexity and palate length.

The French Oak Collection

Dargaud & Jaegle has an unrivaled commitment to quality, combining tradition with modern working methods to fabricate the world’s best wine casks. Built using only the finest oak from the great forests of France and Eastern Europe, Dargaud & Jaegle barrels impart distinctive aromas, flavors and textures that showcase all grape varieties.


Dargaud Jaegle Marcel Cadet Dargaud et Jaegle